Train with our Active-Duty Special Forces and SWAT instructors

Trainings and events that are exact replications of actual SWAT and Special Operations pre-deployment preparation


Combined U.S. Army Special Forces and SWAT training programs

BRVO Tactical Training Site

Sierra 1 Site is a secluded training location for civilian and law enforcement personnel. Located near Heber, AZ this location includes over 100 acres of private land that includes vehicle mobility training, long range target interdiction training, flat range, trench warfare, high angle shooting, sniper tower, and more.

About BRVO Tactical

BRVO Tactical is a training organization that takes tactics and techniques used by today’s elite Special Forces and SWAT sniper teams and brings a joint training curriculum to local law enforcement personnel and civilians.

Firearms Training in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area

Beginner Classes

BRVO Tactical offers courses designed for shooters that are new to firearms, have some level of experience or skill, or are interested in refining their fundamental skills. Each class takes place in a small group setting with personalized instruction that fosters growth, community, safety, and respect.

Advanced Training

Take your shooting skills to the next level with our advanced training programs. Refine your techniques, experience unique operational simulations, and push your limits in a challenging and competitive environment.

Safety Workshops

We offer safety workshops that teach proper weapons-handling, range safety, and more. Gain confidence, develop awareness, and learn how to ensure you and those around you are safe from our skilled instructors.

Tactical Training

Experience in-depth operational training and curriculum used by today’s Green Berets in a variety of focus areas, including sniper schools, hostage rescue scenarios, and special reconnaissance training.

Back the BLUE art sales

BRVO Tactical has partnered with EZ Kustoms to bring our customers unique and creative design opportunities. We welcome our clients to work with EZ Kustoms to design individual custom pieces. If you can think of it, he can make it!  Use code BRVO for a discount on your design. A portion of all art sales will go toward local law enforcement agencies to help RE-FUND local police departments.  We back the BLUE!